San Diego, CA – (May 28th, 1997) – Filez helps users sift through millions
of files on the web to locate software anywhere on the net. New features
give users the ability to search the massive 75 million file database using
file descriptions in addition to searching by filenames.

The new description searching feature means that users no longer have to
know the name of the file, but just a descriptive word or two. In the past,
visitors to Filez had to have an idea of the name of the file to locate it.
Now file descriptions are indexed for many files allowing users to locate
files even if they only have a few descriptive words. The ability to read a
description also makes it easier to identify relevant files and avoids the
hassles of downloading files without knowing what they are. Similarly, if
users locate a file using a filename search, the server will display a
description if one exists.

“All those hours wasted searching for specific files in various places on
the net. The Filez search engine bring it all to one place. Your site is
‘WOW’ material.” says user Leslie Burcham.

The new description searching combines the largest file database of any
commercial file search service with the fastest description search engine
to offer users unparalleled performance and accuracy.

“The last thing users want is to wait for a search engine to respond. So we
designed our description search engine to returns results in less than a
tenth of the time it takes competitors.” says Erik Smith, V.P of technology.

The Filez search engine collects data on millions of files from thousands
of file (ftp) servers around the world each week. The majority of software,
games, graphics, sounds, and movies are stored on FTP servers making them a
valuable public resource. None of the major web search sites collects data
on FTP sites. This makes Filez an unique and essential site to computer
users interested in software, games and multimedia files like graphics,
movies, and sounds.

Also introduced is a partnership with
( giving Filez users instant access to the most
comprehensive Internet discussion search engine. provides
browsing, searching and participation in more than 120,000 forums including
newsgroups, mailing lists, and web forums.

“ is the premier resource for searching community discussion
areas which is a valuable net resource. Adding that power to our main form
is a natural complement to our core product.” comments Michael Robertson,
V.P. of Marketing for Filez.

Since announcing Filez in January 1997, Filez is registering strong growth
and is fulfilling over 7 million search requests per month.

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