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[MD1]Metrowerks CodeManager


Press Contacts:
Neha Mirchandani
Stirling & Cohan, Inc.

Cynthia Fray
Metrowerks, Inc.


Metrowerks Enhances Source Code Management System for Macintosh

AUSTIN, Texas-July 1, 1996-Metrowerks(R), Inc. (TSE,ME:MWK) today announced
that a new version of MW CodeManager, a cross-platform source code control
system for the Macintosh(R), is now shipping.

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[MD1]CASE Tools

Computer Independent Software Modeling

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — Excel Software has established a strategic
initiative to deliver computer independent software modeling (CISM) products
for Windows 95/NT, Macintosh and UNIX/MAE computers this summer. First, the
company will begin shipping the new WinA&Dx product line to provide unmatched
ease-of-use, integration and comprehensive support for today’s most popular
software engineering methods. Second, a new release of its Macintosh product
line, MacA&Dx 5.1 will use the new CISM document format.

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[MD1]Java and Frontier

We got the connection between Java and Frontier working today.


What’s next? You tell us. CGIs written in Java? Why not!

Does AppleScript connect thru this channel? Absolutely.

You can reach both ways, Java apps can now connect to features of the Mac
OS thru Frontier’s runtime environment and object database; and Frontier
scripts can connect to software written, and coming soon, written in Java.

The doorway to the future! It’s heavy. It’s fun. Go get em!


Dave Winer

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[MD1]URG- New DevSupport Addr

Dear Developer,

As many of you are already aware, over the last two weeks
Apple has been dealing with a significant to complete
disruption of service in our AppleLink-Internet electronic
mail gateway, primarily due to failure of the supporting

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[MD1]Maxum Ships NetForms 2.0

Contact: Dean Dahlgren
Phone: (708) 830-1113
Fax: (708) 830-1262
Mactivity Booth #319

For Immediate Release

Maxum Development Upgrades NetForms to Version 2.0,
Adding Greater Flexibility to HTML Forms Processing

Mactivity, San Jose, CA., July 14, 1996 — Maxum Development, a leading
developer of commercial World Wide Web server tools, today announced it is
shipping an upgraded version of its popular Web server add-on application,

NetForms is the Web server “back-end” that allows Webmasters to easily
process information entered by visitors to c

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