CodeFab Announces Summer/Fall Training Schedule

CodeFab Training Director John Gassenheimer announced the training schedule
for WebObjects and OPENSTEP/Rhapsody training courses for summer/fall 1997.
These courses include CodeFab’s popular “Real World WebObjects” as well as
an Enterprise Objects Framework course aimed at advanced Web Objects
developers and a range of introductory and advanced OPENSTEP/Rhapsody
courses aimed at programmers who will be developing software with Apple’s
next generation operating system, code-named Rhapsody

Aug 25-28 Real World WebObjects, Standard (2001)
Sep 8 -11 Real World OpenStep, Accelerated (3010)
Sep 16-19 Enterprise Object Framework (3005)
Sep 23-26 Real World WebObjects, Standard (2001)
Oct 6-9 Real World OpenStep, Accelerated (3010)
Oct 21-24 Real World WebObjects, Standard (2001)

“CodeFab’s broad selection of courses covering Apple’s Enterprise Software
technologies reflects our commitment to Apple’s strategic direction and
endorsement of these exciting tools” says Alex Cone, President of CodeFab,

Corporate programmers and analysts can sign up for CodeFab’s next
course–real World WebObjects–to be held August 12-15. The class helps
corporate programmers and analysts build web applications. Cost is U.S.
$2,000 for the four-day session at CodeFab’s training facilities in New
York City.

The WebObjects product line offers a cross-platform and
language-independent environment for delivering interactive, scaleable,
server-based web applications for both the Internet and the enterprise.

CodeFab, Inc is a provider of high performance interactive web solutions
and provides a wide range of training, integration, development and content
production services. CodeFab’s training division provides classes in tools
such as Apple’s WebObjects, OpenStep and Rhapsody, as well as in underlying
web technologies such as Perl, C, and Objective C.

Headquartered in New York City’s “Silicon Alley”, CodeFab is an enterprise
application consulting and services organization with a strong background
in object oriented solutions, and the architecture and design of multi-tier
intranet and Internet applications. CodeFab’s site on the World Wide Web

CodeFab, Inc.
33 Little West 12th Street, Suite 107
New York, NY 10014

Voice:212 462 1004
Fax: 212 462 1043