In addition to MacDev-1 for developer industry relevant news, you can also
take advantage of MacLine to get to the user community.



MacLine Offers Free Marketing and Press Release Distribution For Mac Developers

MacTimes MacLine press release service, located on the web at, offers Macintosh software developers a
free and effective way to broadcast information about their latest products
or upgrades to the Mac news community.

MacLine offers developers the ability to post an unlimited number of press
releases on the MacLine web site, with no cost. In addition the press
releases can be broadcast to Mac news agencies across the world, once again
at no cost to the developer.

“We wanted to offer the small and medium sized developer the same
opportunities to promote a product as those available to large
corporations,” says MacTimes Chief Editor Jason Pierce.

Pierce goes on to add, “Large applications developers can easily afford the
several hundred dollar fees associated with using services such as the PR
Newswire and Business Wire. This provides them with an unfair advantage. We
look to change that.”

Developers interested in posting a press release over MacLine can visit the
web site, choose Free Membership, fill out a quick application, and have
immediate access to real time posting. Product updates, new applications,
special offers, they can all be publicized immediately to both the Mac
community and news organizations.

About MacTimes

MacTimes, located on the web at, and published by
Advanced Concepts, is a web site dedicated to providing the Mac community
with up to date news, editorials, and feature content. Established in early
1997 MacTimes has grown from a small labor of love to be one of the most
popular Mac resources on the net, receiving as many as 8,000 hits a day
from interested mac users. The principles of MacTimes can be reached via
telephone at 518.346.0002 or via Email at