The European Commission has formally announced  its preliminary view that Apple is in breach of the Digital Markets Act, and Apple has responded.

From the EU statement: “Tthe Commission informs Apple of its preliminary view that the company is in breach of the DMA. This is without prejudice to the outcome of the investigation as Apple now has the possibility to exercise its rights of defence by examining the documents in the Commission’s investigation file and replying in writing to the Commission’s preliminary findings.”

As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple offered this statement saying its confident it complies with the Digital Markets Act: “Throughout the past several months, Apple has made a number of changes to comply with the DMA in response to feedback from developers and the European Commission. We are confident our plan complies with the law, and estimate more than 99% of developers would pay the same or less in fees to Apple under the new business terms we created. All developers doing business in the EU on the App Store have the opportunity to utilize the capabilities that we have introduced, including the ability to direct app users to the web to complete purchases at a very competitive rate. As we have done routinely, we will continue to listen and engage with the European Commission.”

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today