Release 5 of NAGWare f95 Compiler Unveiled

(SC 2003, Phoenix, Arizona) The first and only compiler to implement the
object oriented features of the new Fortran 2003 Standard, Release 5 of
NAGWare f95 Compiler, is being introduced by the worldwide Numerical
Algorithms Group ( ( , SC 2003 Booth #
2900), the world’s leading provider of mathematical and statistical

Among the F2003 features included in Release 5 of the NAGWare f95 Compiler
are support for: type extensions (both polymorphic variables and type
selection), rank-remapping pointer assignment, and the VOLATILE attribute.
In addition, NAGWare f95 Compiler Release 5 has enhanced checking for
dangling pointers, undefined variables detection, and illegal recursions.

Release 5 of NAGWare f95 Compiler is available for Unix, Linux, and OS X
platforms. The Unix and Linux versions will be the first NAG compilers to
provide a debugger with a Graphical User Interface. The OS X version
leverages some of the libraries in Apple’s veclib in order to improve
performance. All versions of Release 5 of NAGWare f95 Compiler include
performance improvements in the run-time efficiency of various intrinsic

Like earlier releases, Release 5 of the NAGWare f95 Compiler supports the
Fortran 95 language in its entirety, High Performance Fortran, legacy
Fortran 77 code, Fortran 2003 standards for allocatable components, and for
IEEE Floating Point Exception Handling.

About Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG):

With thirty years experience and a worldwide reputation in developing,
porting, distributing and supporting scientific computing software, NAG
supplies a range of mathematical, statistical and data mining components,
compilers & tools and associated products for the professional programmer.
NAG software is used by industry, government and education to solve
problems, however complex, in areas such as research, engineering, life and
earth sciences and financial analysis. Headquartered in Oxford, UK, NAG has
offices in Chicago and Tokyo, as well as distributors worldwide.