Since I can’t cover everything, here are some recommended articles from some other sources:

° From iMore: Drivers using Apple CarPlay have been warned of a bug that makes navigation apps including Apple Maps “unusable and dangerous” while driving, and it turns out the bug could be more widespread than first thought. 

° From Bloomberg: Apple CEO Tim Cook showed up at a Tencent gaming tournament in China, endorsing one of the biggest earners on the app store as uncertainty persists about the US company’s top overseas market.

° From Reuters: TSMC drops a planned northern Taiwan site for an advanced chip factory after protests.

° From MacRumors: Apple plans to launch its next Apple Watch Activity Challenge on Saturday, November 11, to honor the upcoming Veterans Day holiday in the United States.

° From MacVoices Live!: Host Chuck Joiner talks with Jeff Carlson about his preferences for Apple Watch bands and the merging of technology and fashion. Jeff then discusses the challenges of updating their book, interface changes in watchOS 9, and the benefits of focus modes. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today