Antsy Labs  has launched Fidget Cube, a free app for iPhone and Apple Watch. It can be found at

Here’s how it’s described: Click it, spin it, flip it – all on your iPhone or – drumroll, please – your Apple Watch! Whether you’re in line for coffee or waiting for that ever-late friend (you know who you are…), give your fingers the fidgety outlet they crave and earn some sweet Fidget Energy while you’re at it!

* Fidget to Fame: Every tap, roll, and click takes your Fidget Energy score higher. Watch it climb and flex those digits on our global leaderboard. Who knew being antsy could make you numero uno?

* Style Points: Fidget in fashion! Choose a Fidget Cube colorway that screams you. And for the high-rollers? Unlock EVEN MORE chic designs with that glorious Fidget Energy (or unlock exclusive, never released colorways when friends download the app using your unique referral link).

* Original Overload: We’re the real deal! Crafted by the brains behind the original Fidget Cube which kickstarted (literally, thanks Kickstarter) the global fidget toy craze. You know spinners? Yep, you can thank the Fidget Cube fixation for sparking that, too.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today