AnburiaLab ( has released Postino for the
iPhone. Postino lets you send physical postcards to your friends and
family: postcards are printed on high-quality paper, and are sent
worldwide for a flat price.

It’s US$1.99 for a single “virtual stamp”, but you can get up to a 20
percent of discount for multi-stamps packs). The app itself is
instead free right now, but it will be priced at 0.99$ soon.

Postino’s features include the ability to add a frame over the photo
(among 20 pre-built frames), draw a signature/picture with your
finger on the touchscreen (you can choose stroke size and color) to
be printed below the text message. Also, you can check the history
and delivery status at any time. For e-cards Postino includes a link
to Google Maps, if you selected the option to retrieve the GPS coords
when you snap the photo.