MacUpdate Desktop (, an application that helps you keep third party applications updated, has been revved to version 5.0.5.The upgrade adds automatic background checking of your apps and continues to improve upon the auto-download and install features.

MacUpdate Desktop lets you keep all your Mac software up-to-date. It offers automatic software updates to every application, widget, screen saver, and preference pane. It searches and matches more than 30,000 pieces of Mac software

MacUpdate Desktop 5.0 sports a redesigned user interface and one-click updating. You can download and install updates with a single click. There’s also now update verification; you can confirm which updates were installed successfully.

In MacUpdate Desktop 5.0, you can archive older versions in case you need to revert to a previous release of an updated item. You can also organize your apps and sync Watch Lists to for email notifications and more

MacUpdate Desktop 5 costs US$20/year; a fully-functional 10-day trial is available. MacUpdate Desktop 5 requires Mac OS X 10.5 (“Leopard”) or later and is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”).