Mosyle, an Apple Unified Platform, has announced its first endpoint security solution for Apple devices running iOS and iPadOS. 

Mosyle Hardening & Compliance ensures employees using iPhones and iPad devices at work are protected, compliant and following the latest cybersecurity benchmarks, according to CEO Ulcer Arajuo. 

The new solution comes at a time when the use of iOS and iPadOS in the corporate world has been steadily growing. According to 2022 research from Mosyle, 81% of employees leverage an iPhone at work, and 65% utilize an iPad device for business.

Mosyle Hardening & Compliance delivers advanced security functionality for these devices, including:

  • Fully automating device security configurations by leveraging tens of ready-to-use security controls based on leading security benchmarks
  • Around-the-clock monitoring of all iOS and iPadOS devices against each enabled security control, identifying devices that are not compliant and enforcing necessary remediations
  • Streamlining and automating all the tasks required for security audits and certifications, providing complete visibility and logs for each device against each control

Hardening & Compliance for iOS and iPadOS is included as part of Mosyle Fuse, which is described as “the first and only Apple Unified Platform for businesses.” To learn more about Hardening & Compliance and other ways Mosyle helps manage and protect Apple devices at work, visit

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today