Spatial View, a developer of 3D image processing
and autostereoscopic display technologies, has
announced the introduction of Wazabee
3DeeInterlacing SDK and Wazabee 3DeeInterlacer to
allow third party developers to create 3D games,
applications and video content for the iPhone 3G.
Combined with the Wazabee 3DeeShell and its
current suite of applications, iPhone app
developers will be able to create and view
applications in vivid 3D.

The 3DeeInterlacing SDK contains tools for
developers to create 3D content for the iPhone,
including a runtime component that allows games
and applications to run in 3D when using the
3DeeShell. Additional elements include
implementation examples, a user implementation
guide, developer license, and end user licensing
agreement. The 3DeeInterlacing SDK is compatible
with the Mac operating system and is available to
download for free at

The 3DeeInterlacer enables content creators,
licensees and production houses to interlace
existing content and distribute it for display on
3DeeShell-enabled iPhones. The 3DeeInterlacer is
compatible with both the Mac and Windows
operating systems and can be downloaded for free

“We’re excited to launch the first 3D developer
tools for the iPhone 3G, which offer unlimited
potential for creating 3D games and
applications,” said Beat Raemy, CEO of Spatial
View, Inc. “Our Wazabee line of 3D products,
along with these new tools, make it easy for
developers to learn and create a vivid mobile 3D
user experience on the iPhone 3G.”

The Wazabee 3DeeShell, announced at MacWorld
2009, is a protective case with a removable lens
that enables glasses-free viewing of multimedia
3D content on Apple’s iPhone 3G. Priced at
$49.99 / 49,99 ¤, the Wazabee 3DeeShell is
available for purchase at To
help customers get started, free multimedia 3D
content is available at