One hundred autographs and artifacts are up for bid in RR Auction’s annual Remarkable Rarities sale. Highlights include a 4GB Original Apple iPhone (sealed) and the first emoticons NFT: The Smiley 🙂 and Frowny 🙁 by Professor Scott E. Fahlman. 

The star of the Apple and Steve Jobs section is an unopened, first-release original Apple iPhone with a limited 4GB storage capacity. What makes this iPhone particularly special is its packaging, which features a life-size image of the iPhone itself, complete with 12 icons on the screen. These icons, denoting various applications, reveal its early production origins in 2007. Interestingly, a 13th icon for iTunes was added later that year, marking this as a true pioneer in the world of smartphone.

According to the folks at RR Auction, a 4GB iPhone model is exceptionally rare, as it was discontinued by Apple on September 5, 2007, just over two months after its debut. Priced at US$499 during its initial release, this model experienced lackluster sales, with most consumers opting for the $100 upgrade to double their storage to 8GB. As a result, the 4GB variant is now a true collector’s item, especially in its brand-new, factory-sealed condition.

Collectors have shown a growing interest in original, sealed Apple products in recent years, and iPhones have consistently achieved record prices. However, this 4GB iPhone is considered the “holy grail” of modern Apple items. A similar example recently garnered worldwide media attention when it sold for over $190,000 at another auction in July.

The auction doesn’t stop at the rare iPhone. It features a range of other Apple-related items, including a pristine Apple Computer check made out to Graphics West and signed by Steve Jobs in July 1976, marking the debut of the Apple-1.

Additionally, collectors can bid on a first-generation Apple iPhone 8GB sealed in its original box with Apple’s distinctive gift packaging. Another item in the Apple section is an original iPad signed by Steve Jobs. This iPad was a personal gift from the Apple co-founder to a Hawaii-based dentist.

Online bidding has begun and the live auction will take place on September 23, 1 p.m., at the Royal Sonesta Boston.  For further details, visit

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today