TeamViewer GmbH, a leading provider of solutions for online
communication and collaboration, has just launched the next
generation of their premium solution – TeamViewer 5. The latest in
video conferencing technology adds a personal touch to remote
support, online presentation and webinar sessions.

Single-click connection, convenient partner lists and browser-based
access have made TeamViewer the desktop sharing tool of choice for
over 60 million users. The cutting-edge software now combines VoIP,
webcam streams, enhanced database synchronization and improved
presentation control, providing a host of new features to this
innovative tool.

Engineered with the professional supporter in mind, TeamViewer 5 VoIP
allows supporters to speak directly with clients, addressing issues
quickly and easily. Supporters and clients can initiate an optimized
VoIP conversation with the click of a mouse, and begin speaking
immediately, to ensure trouble shooting is effective and turnaround
is fast.

Also improving communication and efficiency, TeamViewer 5 makes
remote contact more personable, with live video. Webcam streams are
transmitted directly with TeamViewer 5, allowing collaborators to see
each other while working together or giving presentations. This added
personal touch makes long distance contact more real and helps both
supporters and clients better understand one another.
TeamViewer Manager, the powerful tool for session reporting and
documentation, is also revamped with version 5. Further enabling the
supporter, TeamViewer 5 takes user-friendly partner lists, including
both contacts and remote machines, and directly synchronizes this
information in TeamViewer Manager. With a single click of the mouse,
client data can be stored and managed anywhere.
Also new with TeamViewer Manager, remote support sessions can be
merged as one in the database. This means two remote sessions devoted
to solving one problem can be combined for easy reference in
TeamViewer Manager.

For the presenter, TeamViewer 5 offers a fresh approach to
application management. The ground-breaking application function
empowers presenters with control over which applications they would
like to share. Presenters simply click on the TeamViewer icon and the
complete range of applications appears, allowing them to select the
program they would like to display.
The TeamViewer 5 presentation function also includes an innovative
and convenient back monitor, easily opened with a single click,
allowing the presenter to verify and observe exactly what viewers are
watching on their screens.

More user-friendly than ever before, TeamViewer 5 features a new
control panel which outlines applications for improved handling and
adaptability. Based on widgets, TeamViewer icons can be dragged and
dropped to the preferred position, ensuring valuable screen space
remains available for important documents. The new software also
offers increased performance; TeamViewer 5 is faster than previous

“Launching TeamViewer 5 is a big milestone for us,” begins Holger
Felgner, Product Manager of TeamViewer GmbH. “Coupling video
conferencing with our remote software will not only make online
collaboration more appealing, it will also make it more efficient.
Being able to establish two-way audio and video communication will
cut down problem solving time for supporters, and increase the impact
for online presentations.”

Like all TeamViewer solutions, TeamViewer 5 respects the highest
security standards, including black and white lists and AES 256 bit
coding encryption. In addition, TeamViewer works behind firewalls,
maintaining computer security already in place.

Free for non-commercial use, business licenses can be purchased in a
variety of options at