MacStadium, a Mac private cloud and software-as-a-service provider enabling macOS workloads, has announced new and existing customers can purchase a pre-packaged, self-service Orka environment directly from MacStadium’s website, enabling immediate use of their popular macOS CI automation tool.

Greg McGraw, MacStadium co-founder and CEO, says that with a simplified setup process and instant access, the Orka Small Teams edition was developed as an enterprise-level solution to meet the needs of small to midsize customers with macOS development workflows needing to quickly and efficiently automate key MacDevOps development workflows.

“Not all organizations need the same level of hardware customization, and we have designed best practice configurations to deliver the ideal fit for teams of various sizes,” he said. “We’re excited to introduce an automated provisioning solution of our Orka platform so MacDevOps teams can begin using our industry-leading Orka software instantly on a standardized hardware setup.” 

For organizations with MacDevOps needs for smaller teams, MacStadium has designed and provisioned an environment that delivers instant access to their enterprise-grade Orka software, McGraw adds.

MacDevOps teams can extend their CI/CD pipeline by connecting Orka platform to the most popular DevOps tools and easily orchestrate workloads using Orka Platform’s RESTful application programming interface (API).

“Orka Platform is designed to be lightweight and built specifically for Mac, and its use of Kubernetes is highly scalable,” McGraw adds. “This enables MacDevOps teams of all sizes to benefit from Orka’s pioneering macOS virtualization and orchestration software and MacStadium’s industry-leading Mac cloud infrastructure. We still offer completely customizable Orka Enterprise environments and will continue to find new and improved ways to build upon our reputation of being a trusted part of the iOS development ecosystem,” McGraw added.

Users can configure their new Orka platform environment independently with the help of MacStadium’s startup guide with this solution complete with pricing at $499/month that includes the key components necessary in MacDevOps automation.

To learn more about Orka Small Teams, visit For more information on Orka and its features, visit the MacStadium website. Additionally MacStadium will be showcasing Orka Small Teams at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe in Amsterdam from April 18 – 21. To learn more about MacStadium and Orka Small Teams, visit them at Booth S67 during the conference. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today