CleanMyMac X by MacPaw has released a new update to give users a single location to monitor and manage devices connected to their Macs via Bluetooth, WiFi or USB.

 The new monitor — Connected Devices — enhances CleanMyMac’s recently upgraded Menu app — a set of tools for monitoring the health of Macs. The Connected Devices Monitor feature in CleanMyMac X offers enhanced support for external drives, including flash drives and SD cards. 

The monitor shows users available disk space on their external drives and allows them to automatically remove hidden junk files such as macOS and Windows service files, resource forks, and files in trash bins.

Oleksii Myronenko, product manager at CleanMyMac X, says that regular drive cleaning is important for removing compatibility issues that can arise after using an external drive on different operating systems. It also helps to keep an SD card clutter-free, which can speed up the performance of a camera.

Users can take advantage of CleanMyMac X’s Space Lens module to identify and remove large files that are hogging disk space. The new monitor allows users to safely eject all of their external drives with a single click. This feature helps to prevent data loss and ensures that users can quickly disconnect their drives without worrying about damaging their files, according to Myronenko.

The Connected Devices Monitor also provides users with detailed information on the battery percentage and available disk space of their iPhones and iPads. The monitor also offers tips on how to quickly clean up these devices to free up more space.

What’s more, users can check the status of their iPhones and iPads without having to physically connect them to their Mac via cables. All they need to do is ensure that the devices are connected to the same WiFi network and use the same Apple ID as their Mac.

The Connected Devices Monitor allows users to keep track of the battery percentage of Bluetooth devices connected to their Mac, such as a mouse, keyboard, or headphones. If a device’s battery is running low, it will be highlighted in red to remind users to charge it.

The Connected Devices Monitor is a part of CleanMyMac’s Menu app that is available for free to all Mac users. Users can download the newest version of CleanMyMac X from the MacPaw Website or Setapp. It requires macOS 10.13 or higher.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today