Apple will open its flagship India retail store in Mumbai next month; it will be followed by another store in New Delhi, reports The Economic Times (a subscription is required to read the entire article).

The Mumbai store has been delayed several times, partially due to pandemic-related issues. Apple had planned to open the 22,000 square foot Mumbai store at the Jio World Drive mall in August or September. Before that the original deadline was 2021. 

The Economic Times says that, if all goes to plan, 2023 will mark a big India retail push by Apple, which will also be opening a company-owned outlet in New Delhi at Select Citywalk mall in Saket. 

With the opening of the stores, Apple should have (by my count) 525 stores spread across 25 counties and regions. There are 273 Apple retail stores in the United States as of February 27, 2023. The state with the most number of Apple locations in the US is California, with 54 retail stores, which is about 20% of all Apple retail stores in the US.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today