In a December 2022 note to clients — as noted by 9to5Mac — analyst Ross Young said that production of a 15-inch MacBook Air will start in the first quarter of 2023 with the laptop possibly shipping in the spring. The question is, “Why?”

This isn’t the first rumor of a biggie-sized MacBook Air. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman predicted this and more in a September 2022 Power On newsletter. And in March, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said a new 15-inch MacBook Air would arrive next year, but he does’t think it will be dubbed a MacBook Air.

Whatever it’s dubbed, it’s not needed and will only make Apple’s Mac line-up more confusing. Currently, you can get the MacBook Air in 13.3 inch and 13.5 inch sizes. You can get a MacBook Pro in 13.3, 14.2, and 16.2 inches. 

I would think that most Air users want the laptop for its easy portability. Increasing the size would compromise this to some degree. If anything, I would think a 12-inch MacBook Air would be more popular than a 15-incher. 

In fact, as I’ve said before, Apple’s product roadmap has become too confusing. I’d like to see the company’s Mac laptop line-up simplified to: 12.2-inch MacBook Air, 13.6-inch MacBook Air, 14.2-inch MacBook Pro, and 16.2-inch MacBook Pro.

Seems to me such a line-up would accommodate the needs of most Mac laptop users.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today