Apple may have ditched the Touch Bar on its laptops, but I’ve love to see a super-sized Magic Keyboard with a built-in touchpad and Apple Pencil support. 

This would, of course, be built into Mac laptops. And Apple could offer an external keyboard with these features for Mac desktops. 

In July 2016, Apple was granted a patent (number 9,400,570) for a “stylus with inertial sensor” showing the Apple Pencil working with a Mac. What’s more, per the patent, the Apple Pencil may also be operated as a as a joystick, a rotational controller, or other input devices in addition to serving as a touch sensor input device. For example, on-screen content may be rotated, tilted, or otherwise manipulated using rotational controller and joystick input from the inertial sensor.

If Apple is adamant about no touchscreen Macs, a Magic Keyboard with a bigger touchpad and Apple Pencil support seem to be the most logical alternatives.

By the way, the graphic accompanying this article is courtesy of iJunkie.

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today