FineShare has announced FineCam, subscription-based, go-to webcam software designed to help enhance webcam quality with backgrounds, filters, and effects, working for video calling and streaming apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Twitch, OBS, etc.

With FineCam for iOS app, it’s even possible to bring Apple’s Continuity Camera feature to Windows PC, according to FineShare CEO Jared Dun. Continuity camera lets you use your iPhone’s camera to take photos or scan documents, which then pop up on your Mac. And, now with FineCam, with Windows.

Dun says that FineCam offers “the most stunning” Continuity Camera features like Portrait mode, Wireless Connection, and Ultra-Wide Camera. Additionally, it can use both iPhone’s front and rare cameras at the same time, place the secondary picture frame everywhere, and resize it to fit best for video calls, live demos, streams, and more.

FineCam requires an iPhone with iOS 13 or higher. Pricing starts at US$6.90 for a one-month plan.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today