Back Market has launched an awareness campaign against people against buying new smartphones. The website “dedicated to refurbished electronics: says the iPhone 13 — which will doubtless debut at tomorrow’s “California Streaming” event —  “isn’t expected to be particularly innovative or exciting, thus strengthening the case for refurbished electronics.”

Back Market says that refurbished iPhones often sell for less than half of newer models with nearly the same features. The company says there’s an eco-friendly angle here too: The linear buying cycle that Apple pushes every year worsens the environmental crisis that has brought e-waste to an alarming level. The issue of e-waste is a timely one as Climate Week kicks off one week after Apple’s Keynote event. Refurbished is a growing trend, and is an intriguing angle I believe your viewers will enjoy learning about as it strays away from the cookie cutter coverage of this year’s model.

Chances are that Back Market’s awareness campaign will fall on deaf ears. The iPhone 13 is expected to be a big seller. For instance, in a note to clients — as noted by AppleInsider — the investment bank JP Morgan expects the iPhone 13 lineup and an upcoming iPhone SE model to drive Apple to another record-breaking fiscal year in 2022.

The accompanying image is courtesy of ZDNet.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today