With the iPhone 13 expected to debut at tomorrow’s “California Streaming” event, many iPhone owners are trading their handsets.

Looking at its statistics, SellCell.com, a site for selling phones online, has several handsets it expects to see in trade-in figures prior to the iPhone 13 launch. However, the folks at SellCell say there are a couple of surprises hidden away that we wouldn’t have expected. The accompanying graphic represent tens of thousands of iPhone trade-ins made within the past two-week period a the site.

The iPhone 11 tops the trade-in table. Eighteen percent of all iPhone’s users traded in between August 27 and September 10 were iPhone 11-series handsets. The iPhone XR was tied with the iPhone 12 Pro Max as the second most traded-in iPhone at SellCell.  Each has 14% of all handset trade-ins.it was prior to the Apple announcement.

The third most traded-in iPhone was the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 11%. The remaining handsets are all older models, some dating back to the iPhone 7. However, the last of the most traded-in of the Apple models at SellCell is the iPhone 12.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today