AirSend, the contextual remote work and communication platform, has added new features designed to allow simple collaboration with clients, customers, team members and partners.

Its private collaboration channels already combine chat, email, to-do lists and file sharing into a single screen. Previously available as a mobile app and web-based tool, AirSend now offers downloadable apps for all platforms (Mac, Windows, and Linux) for a desktop experience.

The built-in wiki feature has expanded into a fully functional, portable notebook app, according to Madhan Kanagavel, founder and CEO of CodeLathe, the company that created AirSend. That way, users can create multiple notes for collaboration and create folders to find that information more easily, he adds. The wiki also is now editable on both the iOS and Android apps.

Kanagavel says that perhaps the most distinctive new features are the public channels, which allow people to meet others that share interests or ask professionals questions about their field. Just as Microsoft and Google are now offering product support through public channels on the Discord platform, small businesses can use AirSend as an efficient way of communicating with customers. You can get AirSend now at or in the Apple or Google app store.