txtsmarter has announced its ability to archive all WhatsApp communications for regulatory compliance. 

txtsmarter, based in San Mateo, California, is an Enterprise Information Archiving compliance platform, which collects, encrypts & archives messages from text and social media applications, including Apple iMessage, Android SMS/MMS, WhatsApp in real-time mitigating compliance and communication data leaks for businesses. 

Nuri Otus, txtsmarter founder and CEO, says the company is the only firm to provide an Enterprise Information Archiving compliance platform incorporating Apple’s iMessage, Android SMS/MMS, and now WhatsApp. The service enables text and social media compliance across all current regulations, both U.S. and Europe.

With the addition of capturing WhatsApp communications, txtsmarter now provides coverage across a full suite of text messaging and social media platforms globally. Otus says his ensures txtsmarter customers now can safeguard themselves and their businesses against the potentially dire consequences of non-compliance and business-critical data leakage.