IKIN (www.ikininc.com), a provider of visual technology solutions for businesses, is creating a software developers kit (SDK) for iOS holographic rendering, with professional services support from Unity Technologies.

The SDK will facilitate the deployment of multi-dimensional, volumetric rendering for iOS devices, according to Taylor Scott, founder and chief technology officer at IKIN. These capabilities, when utilized with IKIN’s upcoming RYZ mobile device accessory, will allow every developer and user to experience interactive 3-D, holographic images projected in open space, with user capabilities including interactive motion between holographic and standard environments, while conducting gameplay in new ways, he adds. 

What’s more, the drag ’n drop simplicity of the SDK enables quick and easy implementation of these advanced services in new and existing games, Scott says.

He adds that IKIN’s holographic rendering and display capabilities are optimized for use in 5G networks by leveraging discreet Artificial Intelligence layers to improve real-time data transmission capacities for volumetric holographic projections that enhance communication and interaction.