Tim Parnell has released ExeWrapper 1.2.0 (https://exewrapper.com) for macOS. It’s a $19 tool for batch code signing Windows executables from macOS.

The code signing process has been improved in version 1.2.0 to skip signed executables, making ExeWrapper safer to use for beginners. The signing window has been redesigned to be easier to understand, and now optionally offers progress updates with macOS notifications.

For pros several new functions are now available in ExeWraper, including signature verification, extraction, and removal tools. Logging is now persistent, and can be found in-app or accessed directly as a text file. A new option to disable signature timestamping, though not recommended, allows ExeWrapper to function in an entirely offline environment.

Automation functions have also been improved in this release. ExeWrapper can now automatically select which timestamp server to use based on the certificate issuer. The function for determining files to sign will no longer skip .sys files.