With electronic devices losing a huge amount of value within a year of launch, it’s no wonder many consumers are choosing to save money by buying secondhand tech.  

But which Apple gadgets lose the most value over time? To find out, the SimpleGhar team analyzed thousands of new and used Amazon listings to find the most depreciating Apple devices. The data reveals the 10 Apple products that lose the most value over time, as show in the graphic. For example, the iPhone 14 has depreciated by 24.68% — more than any other Apple gadget, according to the SimpleGhar team.

The study also reveals that on average, Apple products lose 11.2% of their value per year. That’s the sixth highest of all tech brands.

For the study, SimpleGhar considered 29 leading consumer tech brands that produce smartphones, earbuds, tablets, and smartwatches. SimpleGhar is a website that provides “honest” reviews and consumer product research.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today