Mellel has released Mellel 4.0, an upgrade of its word processor for the Mac. The new version includes over 200 new and improved features, is built from the ground up and designed “to save writers both time and frustration associated with traditional word processors.”

The folks at Mellel say version 4.0 aims to replace Microsoft Word as the preferred word processor of writers who use Macs. It enables long-form content writers to manage their writing, offers an improved way to create detailed outlines and reduces the time it takes to prepare professional-level documents.

You can, for instance, create sets of hundreds of actions to change a document from American English to UK English with a press of a button. Mellel 4’s Story: feature enables users to write down (in advanced or with an existing manuscript) the plot or the main events in their story. It also lets writers set what happens in the story/manuscript, who’s doing it and where it happens.

The upgrade offers improved capabilities for creating outlines. This feature enables users to create the entire structure of their document — headings, subheadings and more. By typing directly into the Outline Pane Tool, writers can add more document sections, rearrange entire sections with a click of their mouse, add notes, highlights and filter headings.

The Quick Indexing tool offers, for the first time, a professional level index tool, directly in the word processor. This approach can save writers fifty percent of the time needed to create a detailed index, according to the folks at Mellel.

A 30-day demo of Mellel 4.0 is available for download ( Registration is $59 or $49 for an educational license. Upgrading from previous versions costs $29.