Whisper is a free, open source, general purpose Mac/Win32 C++
application framework. It’s the successor to the Mac framework Raven.
Like Raven Whisper is a modern framework that takes advantage of
templates, multiple inheritance, STL, and exceptions. It’s also
designed around the notion of Design by Contract and includes
numerous debugging tools.

Whisper 1.2.1 and a complete change history can be found at
(http://www.halcyon.com/www3/jesjones/Whisper/Home.html). The major
changes are:

1) CodeWarrior Pro 5 is now supported (in addition to Pro 4 and MSVC 5).

2) Added threading support (preemptive on Windows, cooperative on Macs).

3) The XDropApp base class is now threaded and uses a progress dialog.

4) Added support for document oriented apps (defaults to MDI on Windows).

5) Added XTabControl and XBevelButtonControl.

6) Addd XXMLDocVisitor and XXMLPrintDoc to convert in-memory XXMLDoc’s to

7) Lot’s of minor changes and bug fixes.

Jesse Jones