Xwavesofht’s Focus Matrix 1.0 is a smart task organizer app for Mac OS X. Its organizational system is based on the “Eisenhower Box,” a productivity strategy created by U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower.

The app provides a priority matrix that breaks tasks down into four groups based on their urgency and importance. This lets you focus on the tasks that really matter, without getting caught up in those that can be delegated, or dealt with later.

Using the Eisenhower Box method, Focus Matrix breaks tasks into one of four groups: “Important & Urgent,” “Important & Not Urgent,” “Not Important & Urgent,” and “Not Important & Not Urgent.” The color-coded four-square matrix layout of the app offers users a quick snapshot showing which tasks need to be completed immediately, and which can be pushed back until later, or safely delegated to someone else.

Focus Matrix helps anyone focus on what tasks need to be completed immediately, and also identify which tasks can be delegated to others, or simply postponed until there is enough spare time to work on them. By making use of the four-square matrix, the app ensures a user’s important pressing tasks are completed, without using up precious time working on tasks that can wait until later, or can be delegated to others.

The app allows users to assign an importance level to any task, and to quickly change the priority of a task when needed, via a simple drag-and-drop of the task into another part of the matrix. Tasks can also be delegated to others, via email, iMessage, reminders, or even popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

A Pro version allows you to synchronize all tasks across iPhone, iPad, and Mac and integrate with the Calendar app. It also integrates with Be Focused, a productivity app from XwaveSoft that helps users get things done by breaking up individual tasks among discrete intervals.

Focus Matrix requires OS X 10.9 or later. It’s free and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store (http://tinyurl.com/zjr6ppr). An upgrade to the Pro version is $4.99 and is available via an in-app purchase. As a special limited-time app launch offer, users can upgrade to Pro at a 30% discount ($2.99).