Little Snitch 2 protects private data from undesirable transmission

* Objective Development releases Little Snitch 2
* Totally overhauled application is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
* Additional features give more control about outgoing network connections

As soon as a computer is connected to the Internet, applications can
potentially send information to any server they want. Little Snitch
reliably informs the user about all attempts to establish an outgoing
internet connection and allows in this way exact control about the network
activity of the computer. As soon as an application attempts to establish a
network connection, Little Snitch shows a connection alert asking the user,
if he wants to allow or deny the connection – optionally once, until the
application is finished or permanent.

Improved usability and new features

While Little Snitch 1.0 was working as a simple system preference module,
with Version 2 the Objective Development Software GmbH presents a
fully-fledged application with improved usability and additional features.
Due to predefined “smart rule suggestions” Little Snitch 2 facilitates for
less experienced users a reasonable choice for each connection query.

The completely new designed application interface lists all defined rules
and allows a user-specific configuration. Trusted applications can be
granted specific permissions, while others simply can be prevented from
establishing particular internet connections at all.

Little Snitch introduces a new network monitor, which can be activated
through the menu bar. In a semitransparent window the monitor shows
detailed information about the complete in- and outgoing network traffic
and gives in this way an overview about the current data transfer of all
applications. Even if the network monitor is not shown, two colored gauges
in the menu bar still indicate the network activities.

Some further improvements of Little Snitch 2:

* Considerably improved traffic filtering
* IPv6 support
* Compatibility with Apples new Operating System Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
* New, good structured program help

All functions and features of Little Snitch 2 can be activated and
configured very flexible. The well designed and easy to use security tool
not only allows Mac power-users but also less experienced Mac users to gain
control about their data traffic and to manage them individually.

The price of a full version of Little Snitch 2 is USD 24.95, the upgrade
from an older version costs US 12.95. Owners of Little Snitch 1 with a
license key starting with the characters “32” can use this license key to
activate Little Snitch 2 for free.

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