Objective Decision is proud to announce the official release of Contactizer

Contactizer Pro 3.5 delivers a dozen of new or enhanced features and is
highly recommended for all Contactizer users.

The biggest new feature of Contactizer 3.5 is the addition of a powerful
Project Manager. With 50+ new exciting features and enhancements,
Contactizer Pro 3.5 is the most impressive Contactizer version yet. From
the introduction of the Data Picker Panel to the capability to manage
Projects directly from the Task Manager, Contactizer 3.5 becomes the
control center of your daily work.

Contactizer 3.5 is available for free as a download to all Contactizer 3
users. Current Contactizer users will discover an improved overall
interface, with the possibility to access tasks from the calendar view or
the addition of a Merge Key Panel.

Objective Decision also starts shipping Contactizer Express 3.5. This new
application is built on the same core as the Pro version. Contactizer is
designed for freelancers, small individual businesses and entrepreneurs
that need to access contact information, organize and prioritize tasks, and
track all projects and resources.

About Objective Decision: We offer leading business management software
that serve the needs and challenges of more than 20 000 business customers.
Our main goal is to create outstanding software combining OS X’s
“State-of-the-Art” technology with the strength of dedicated tools for
small businesses on the Mac platform.

For more information, visit our website: www.objective-decision.com