FmPro Migrator 3.68 EE Adds SQL Server to FileMaker

FREMONT, CA., January 9, 2006 (MacWorld Expo and Conference) – .com
Solutions Inc. Releases FmPro Migrator 3.68 Enterprise Edition – New
Release Adds SQL Server to FileMaker 8 Migration Feature for Mac OS X. Solutions Inc., a developer of multi-platform database migration and
development tools, has released FmPro Migrator 3.68 with a new Microsoft
SQL Server to FileMaker 7/8 migration feature.

On Mac OS X, FmPro Migrator utilizes the Actual ODBC Driver for SQL Server
from Actual Technologies ( to make a
direct connection to SQL Server databases (purchased separately). FmPro
Migrator makes a direct ODBC connection to SQL Server to automate the
mapping of SQL Server to FileMaker fields, perform column name to field
name conversions and generate FileMaker table creation SQL files. FmPro
Worksheet’s new batch load and execute feature is then used to create the
tables within a FileMaker 8 database. Migrated SQL Server tables and data
can be used for reporting & charting purposes within FileMaker. Migrated
SQL Server tables can also be permanently migrated into FileMaker to
improve ease of use and manageability at a reduced database server cost.

FmPro Migrator standardizes and automates FileMaker database migration
procedures including data type matching, field to column renaming, table
creation, FileMaker field size determination and data transfer for 8
different databases. Supported databases include MySQL, Oracle (8, 8i-9i,
10g), Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL, FrontBase and FileMaker

The advantages of synchronizing data between SQL Server and FileMaker include:

— Creation of Charts from SQL Server Data – FmPro Migrator creates a
compatible table structure within FileMaker 8 databases to facilitate the
synchronization of data. The xmCHART FileMaker plug-in
( can be used to dynamically generate 35 different
types of charts from this data.

— Automated Reporting from SQL Server Data – FileMaker 8 enables the
creation of economical SQL Server reporting solutions compared to
alternative products. FileMaker 8 also provides enhanced exporting
capabilities including the direct creation of Excel spreadsheets and Adobe
PDF files. FileMaker 8 Advanced can be used to create royalty-free
FileMaker stand-alone solution packages for distribution to multiple

— Printing of Mailing Labels from SQL Server Data – FileMaker 8 includes
predefined layouts for a wide variety of popular label formats. SQL Server
database records can be searched by custom query criteria in order to view
and print specific records. Labels can be printed a sheet at a time, or
even individually.

— Merging of SQL Server and FileMaker Data – Prepackaged SQL Server
applications may not include all of the functionality which is required for
a business process. For a variety of reasons, it may not be possible to add
the necessary functionality or data fields to the prepackaged application.
Synchronizing data between SQL Server and FileMaker 8 enables the merging
of data between databases for consolidated reporting or charting purposes.

— Permanently Migrate SQL Server Databases to FileMaker 8 Server – SQL
Server databases can be migrated to FileMaker 8 Server running on Mac OS X
or Windows at a significant cost savings in licensing fees.

Mac OS X and Windows Compatibility – FmPro Migrator is available for Mac OS
X and Windows, thus enabling developers to use their preferred platform for
creating the migration scripts. A functional demo version of FmPro Migrator
may be downloaded from (
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