Philips Speech Processing (, which specializes in professional dictation systems, says SpeechExec, its professional dictation and transcription solution, is now available and compatible with Mac OS X.

The new software, SpeechExec4Mac, enables Digital Pocket Memo (DPM) users to communicate with and incorporate dictation and transcription into any current network or workflow process. It integrates into mixed environments and with other Windows-based SpeechExec applications.

Its “open” software design allows users to select individual workflow settings — building a user-friendly work environment, says Thomas Brauner, managing director at Philips Speech Processing. The SpeechExec4Mac software also features automatic file locking and routing after transcription which further ensures data security and minimizes duplication, he adds.

The new software was developed to be used on the latest Mac operating software systems (Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7) and to fully integrate with other Philips products, such as hand and foot controls. SpeechExec4Mac is currently the only professional dictation software that supports the DSS Pro file format from all International Voice Association (IVA) vendors in a Mac environment.

SpeechExec4Mac is now available on all SpeechExec DVDs included with all products supporting the SpeechExec software suite, like the Philips Digital Pocket Memo, SpeechMike and Transcription Kits. Customers who already have a valid SpeechExec 7.1 or newer license key may download SpeechExec4Mac from the Philips Speech Processing website. For more info, go to .