Acrux Software announces MailMate version 1.0

Amsterdam based Acrux software introduces MailMate, a handy Mac OS X
Cocoa application for viewing, searching and printing Mail messages
sent to or from anyone in your Address Book.

MailMate makes viewing and searching email correspondence much easier.
You can view email correspondence sent to or from a particular person
in your Address Book simply by clicking on that person’s name, without
having to worry about which mailbox the messages are actually stored
in. So with one click you immediately get an overview of your

The messages are displayed in chronological order, or by subject if you
prefer, and if you want to focus on a particular time period or topic,
you can optionally specify a date range and a search phrase or keywords
(which also work quicker and are more powerful than Mail’s).

Messages can be printed together, instead of using a separate page for
each message.

MailMate can also be used as an email archive program. It makes copies
of messages from the Mail application and keeps them in its own cache,
which it saves in a file. It only keeps messages from people in your
address book, and from specified mailboxes, thus no spam.

New in this version:
* fixed fault on dates when used with non-English systems
* changed “Locate” button to “Show message” button
* speeded up the display of messages
* added separate font/size for printing messages

MailMate is shareware with a registration fee of $19.95.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.

More information and download: