June 25, 2004 – Dot Software is pleased to announce Site Studio, which is
it’s revolutionary new web design program. The program consists of a single
window interface that allows the user to intuitively create a full blown
web site based on a theme. Within the program dynamic content plugins,
which include an image gallery, a blog, a WYSIWYG editor, an HTML editor,
an external file tool, and a hyperlink tool, allow you to create the
content for each and every page, while selecting a theme controls the looks
of the user’s web site. It is this design that allows the user to create a
web site effortlessly and quickly.

This theme based web site building program features a host of innovative
and exciting features:

– Intuitive interface
– 2 layer web sites
– Over 20 themes
– 6 dynamic content plugins (HTML, WYSIWYG, Image Gallery, Blog, External
File, Hyperlink)
– Drag and drop reordering of pages
– 1 click FTP and .mac uploading
– Extremely flexible themes

Site Studio is leading the way of cutting edge web design that is both easy
and quick. More information can be found about Site Studio at
( and it can be downloaded from