BRU Server certified across Qualstar libraries, implementing all advanced
tape technologies, including SAIT WORM

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – June 24, 2004 – TOLIS Group, Inc., developer of the
ultra-reliable BRU brand of data protection solutions, today announced the
successful completion of compatibility testing of TOLIS’ new BRU Server
data backup and restore software across all Qualstar RLS and TLS-Series
tape library models.

The certification provides enterprise users of Linux and Apple(r) Mac OS X
a powerful hardware/software combination to protect their
corporate-critical data using any of today’s most robust tape formats,
including AIT, LTO, SDLT and SAIT, including write-once, read many (WORM)
SAIT tape.

“The architectural approach of TOLIS and Qualstar complement each other,”
said Tim Jones, president of TOLIS Group. “Qualstar implements common
firmware across their libraries to deliver proven performance; our data
backup and recovery solutions are all framed around our proven BRU engine.
The integration of our products delivers significant advantages to
end-users, including longevity, dependability and rapid data backup and

Linux and Mac OS X are being increasingly deployed in enterprise-level
data centers. The combination of TOLIS’ BRU backup technology, including
volume management and scalability, and Qualstar’s libraries form a
reliable, formidable data protection system. The following “real-world”
backup system configuration and performance numbers highlights the point:

* Xserve G4 1.33GHz UP, 256MB, ATTO UL4S SCSI HBA, Apple FC

* Xserve RAID, 128MB cache, 2 – 1.01 TB RAID 5 arrays

* Qualstar TLS-4222 w/2 AIT-3 drives (SCSI)

* BRU software

* Data mix: 50% office data (text, spreadsheets, applications, documents,
etc.) and 50% media files (MP3, ISO images, etc.)


* Depending on the mix of data, BRU was able to pull data off this
configuration’s filesystem ranging from 69.7 to 101 MB/Sec

* Backing up to a single AIT-3 drive ranged from 13.2 to 15.3 MB/Sec,
depending on the profile of the data

* Backing up to 2 AIT-3 drives simultaneously produced throughputs ranging
from 26.5 to 31 MB/Sec

* At no point was system load greater than 0.5 and BRU’s memory usage was
less than 56MB of RAM


* Efficient, predictable, tape-streaming throughput performance was
demonstrated on a “non-juiced,” real life system configuration

* BRU/Qualstar combination exceeded AIT-3 technology manufacturer’s
performance spec

* A more robust backup system configuration (faster CPU, multiple
processors, faster RAID drives, etc.) and more highly compressible data
will result in the realization of yet even higher performance numbers.

Qualstar’s RLS- and TLS-Series tape libraries are designed to provide data
protection for a wide range of firms, giving them the ability to
cost-effectively protect any amount of information, scaling from one
terabyte to more than a third of a petabyte. Each library supports
Qualstar’s 20-year reputation for producing Simply Reliable tape storage
products. Last year, Qualstar became the first company to ship libraries
equipped with Sony SAIT WORM-enabled tape drives.

“Our reputation is built on delivering tape libraries that efficiently
meet our clients’ data security requirements; BRU Server complements our
libraries, providing powerful solutions for the Linux and Mac server
platforms, which continue to gain traction among corporate customers,” said
Bob Covey, Qualstar’s vice president of marketing.

Immutable data storage for regulatory compliance is also a rapidly growing
concern among all publicly traded companies. The combination of BRU Server
and Qualstar’s implementation of AIT and SAIT WORM tape technology delivers
cost-effective, scalable solutions. A whitepaper, “BRU’s Support of
Regulatory Governance,” is accessible from TOLIS Group’s website.

ABOUT TOLIS GROUP, INC. TOLIS’ mission is the provision of leading-edge
UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X data protection products to computer OEMs and
end-users that are effective, reliable, and of excellent value. Our
servicemark of “Software You Can Trust” guides every aspect of business:
from concept-to-delivery. The majority of TOLIS’ products are based on its
BRU backup engine; an elegant software kernel that continues to deliver
unsurpassed backup reliability and data recoverability since 1985. Numerous
product excellence awards have recognized BRU technology. More information
is available at, or by phone at 480.505.0488.