Press Release:

Glass Bead Software Releases Version 3.0.2 of SnapMail, Beloved
Intra-office Macintosh Messaging Software

For Immediate Release

Newtown, Connecticut, April 5, 2001

Today Glass Bead Software announced the release of version 3.0.2 of
SnapMail, its beloved intra-office Macintosh messaging software. This
maintenance release fixes a number of small bugs and increases stability.
SnapMail is available for download at

About Snap Mail: SnapMail is the complete and easy-to-use intra-office
chat, messaging and communication application for the Mac office. Using
peer-to-peer technology, SnapMail sends messages, files, and voice mail
SnapMail keeps all messages and documents safely in-house. It doesn’t
require a mail server, Internet connection, or any administration. SnapMail
is a light-weight application: it requires only 1MB of RAM and runs on all
Mac OS Systems from 7.5 to OS X.

Snap Mail provides seamless and easy collaboration to small and large
workgroups without difficult-to-configure server software on expensive
hardware. Glass Bead Software will continue to provide compelling upgrades
to Snap Mail that support core MacOS technologies.

About Glass Bead Software: Glass Bead Software, founded in 1990, is
dedicated to making the best Macintosh software for enhancing office
communication and productivity.

Glass Bead Software and SnapMail are trademarks of Glass Bead Software.
Macintosh, MacOS, and OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

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