says it’s bringing the power of the cloud and online
collaboration to the iPhone. The company’s new OpenBox Mobile program
lets iPhone app developers integrate’s content management and
collaboration platform into their apps — providing users with new
ways to manage, access and share content on their iPhone.

The program is made especially for applications that rely heavily on
serving up user-generated content, including productivity documents,
text files, PDFs, images, audio, videos and other
application-specific files. Launched initially for iPhone developers,
OpenBox Mobile will extend to Palm webOS, Android and BlackBerry
developers in the near future. has been working with a number of iPhone app developers
behind the scenes to integrate Box’s content management and sharing
capabilities, according to Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of iPhone apps that feature integration today include
iThoughts, Smart Recorder, iBlueSky and Readdle. QuickOffice, iRec,
JotNot and mySticky are also working on integration and will
be launching soon.

The OpenBox Mobile API (application programming interface) is free
and iPhone app developers can get started by going to where they can create a account
and then sign up to join the developers program. After setting up an
account, developers can review documentation for the API, sample code
for mobile integrations and the other programs offered, as well as
directions to start a new project on the OpenBox platform. Developers
can get started on projects on their own immediately as well as
receive online assistance from’s platform team.