EditShare (http://www.editshare.com), which makes cross-platform
collaborative editing and shared media storage systems, unveiled at
IBC 2009 (Stand 7.D22) new workflow engineered ingest and browse
capabilities for EditShare Flow, its multi-channel SDI ingest

Fully integrated with the EditShare award-winning shared storage
solutions, Flow delivers recording and media management capabilities
such as the EditShare Universal Media File technology that enables
Final Cut and Avid editors to simultaneously access and read the same
media files stored on an EditShare media space. Partnering efforts
with developers like Automatic Duck further leverage Universal Media
File technology by enabling editors to not only open the same media
file, but to read sequences and their associated media using Avid and
Final Cu, says James Richings, Flow product manager, EditShare EMEA.
No media transcoding, re-linking or re-rendering required.

New EditShare Flow features debuted at IBC09 include the ability to
make Avid or Final Cut sub-clips during ingest, real-time live
logging with customizable metadata fields and logging templates. In
addition, EditShare Flow will offer an EditShare Media Space Scan
feature that indexes content ingested outside of Flow; optimizing
media searches and management across an EditShare media space.

Flow supports an extensive range of codecs and wrappers including
Avid and QuickTime formats. Flow’s ability to encode simultaneously
in 2 high resolution formats and a proxy eliminates the need for
background transcoding and proxy generation after capture. With Flow
all encoding is done at time of capture. Contact EditShare for