Rob Paper Soundware has announced QUAD, a Rack Extension synthesizer built from the ground up for Propellerhead Reason. Rack Extension is an ever-expandable, freely-routable rack of instruments, effects, and sounds.

“What we face as a developer is having to have a PC version and a Mac version, and if you run them in your regular host, you can crash your host,” says Rob Paper. “That’s a real big battle. People, if they use Reason, learn that things are connected. It’s cross-platform; everything works. It’s a major leap forward for Reason, and productions coming out of Reason will sound totally different. Reason remains Reason, but, now, it’s open.”

QUAD has two oscillators (OSC 1 and OSC 2) at its sonic core, each endowed with a selection of classic waveforms (Sine, Triangle, Saw, White Noise, and Pink Noise), together with a SPREAD function (adding multiple oscillators with slightly higher and lower pitch to the main oscillators to fatten up the sound), and a SUB oscillator tuned one octave below with two selectable waveforms (Sinus and Square). These oscillators can be combined with many cross modulation functions, generating a wide range of harmonics.

QUAD sports 28 filter types via two analogue-modeled filters (FILTER 1/2) with various routings, as well as an artistically-inspirational arpeggiator (ARP) with several playback modes. QUAD can be purchased and directly downloaded for $119 from the Propellerhead Shop (