On the heals of recent QuickLicense 7, Windows 8.1 and OS X Mavericks upgrades, Excel Software (www.excelsoftware.com) has updated a suite of protection and licensing tools.  

QuickLicense Server 1.1 creates a floating license server for a protected application or document.  DocProtect 3.0.2 generates a protected Mac or Windows application from popular document types.  

QLRT Xcode 2.0 provides the QuickLicense 7 runtime system in a static library for Xcode developers. PluginFMQLRT 1.0.1 and PluginXojoQLRT 1.0.1 give FileMaker and Xojo developers a plugin with QuickLicense 7 features tested on the latest Mac and Windows operating systems.

QuickLicense Server 1.1 outputs a vendor-branded, floating license server system for protected applications with no programming required. QLRT Xcode 2.0 adds QuickLicense 7 features for Trial, Product, Subscription, Floating or Try/Buy licenses with a human managed or Internet automated activation system.

QuickLicense is used to configure all aspects of the software license and activation process, then output an encrypted Ticket file. DocProtect turns HTML projects, image collections, video files, audio files, PDFs or SWF files into a protected Mac or Windows application. PluginFMQLRT is a FileMaker plugin that embeds the QuickLicense 7 runtime in a FileMaker Pro Advanced solution that is distributed as a standalone application.

QuickLicense Server 1.1 costs US$995 for a single user license on either Mac or Windows. QLRT Xcode 2.0 is $495 and runs on a Mac with OS X 10.6 or later with an Intel processor. DocProtect is $495 for a single user license on either Mac OS X or Windows — or $795 for both platforms. A single user license of either PluginFMQLRT or PluginXojoQLRT is $395 on Mac or Windows — or $690 for both.