Texas Instruments, DLP Products and Brookstone have teamed up for an US$229.99 iPhone 4/4S miniature projector accessory case that includes TI’s DLP Pico projector technology.

The accessory acts as a thin sleeve that will allow iPhone 4 and 4S users to project video content from their phone or any app that allows for video output such as Netflix, YouTube and more on to any surface at a size of up to 50 inches. With this iPhone accessory case, DLP and Brookstone are showcasing the potential future of Pico as add-on or embedded within products, giving mobile phone users the power to show video content on-the-go, anywhere, says Frank J. Moizio, manager of DLP Pico Projection.

“The partnership between Brookstone and Texas Instruments resulted in a remarkable accessory case that turns one’s iPhone 4 and 4S player into a mobile home-theater unit,” adds Ron Boire, president and CEO of Brookstone.

The projector includes: 15-lumen LED illumination; a 640×360 native display resolution that projects video content from the phone up to 50-inches; a built-in 2100mAh battery that charges via an USB connection; and an integrated 0.5W speaker delivers audio from video content.

For more information about the Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 accessory case, got to http://www.brookstone.com/pocket-projector-for-iphone-4 . For a full list of apps supporting video out, consumers can visit: http://www.cywee.com/docs/TV-Out_Apps.pdf .