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— Graphic Template Automatically Serves Nasdaq Stock Quotes on WebCollage
Sites —

BERKELEY, Calif., April 28, 1996 — StarNine Technologies, Inc., a
subsidiary of Quarterdeck Corporation, today announced its latest product,
WebCollage, will ship with free WebCollage templates allowing users to
easily re-publish Nasdaq quotes of specific technology stocks. WebCollage
will automatically retrieve the quotes from the StarNine
( or Nasdaq Web sites ( at
intervals specified by the user, and publish the updated quote as a GIF
file on any Web server. The graphics include a Nasdaq logo, which also
serves as a live link to the Nasdaq site, and Nasdaq authorization for
StarNine and it’s users to republish these quotes in this format. The
announcement today coincided with the shipping of WebCollage (see related
release dated April 28, 1997), a new software product for content creators
that automatically generates dynamic, custom-designed infographics for
publishing on the Internet or other intranets.

“With WebCollage the sky’s the limit for what people can create,” explained
Avi Rappoport, product manager for WebCollage at StarNine. “We created
these templates because we wanted to provide a service for the Internet
community and show the power of WebCollage. So far, our beta testers have
come up with lots of innovative uses for WebCollage. It’s easy to implement
all kinds of useful ideas for taking dynamic information and presenting it
graphically, either on their desktop or a Web site.”

Anybody can link to a Nasdaq graphic from the StarNine image page.
WebCollage users can copy the template “as is” straight off the StarNine
site. Companies already included in the templates include Apple, Adobe,
Intuit, Macromedia, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Netscape and Intel.
WebCollage users can also create their own graphics by simply
double-clicking on the template, changing the URL shape to the ticker of
their choice, adding the graphic and URL of that company, and it’s ready
for publishing on their site.

About WebCollage

WebCollage is an unprecedented new product that automatically builds
dynamic, changeable Web graphics containing up-to-the-minute data, and
uploads them via FTP to any Web server on a scheduled basis. The PowerPC
version of WebCollage is available today (see related press release dated
April 28, 1997) from StarNine for the special introductory price of $199
until June 30, 1997, after which time WebCollage will cost $249. WebCollage
can be purchased online at (, or by calling

About StarNine

StarNine Technologies, Inc. is a subsidiary of Quarterdeck Corporation
located in Berkeley, California, leading the development of Internet server
software and email connectivity products for the Mac OS. Best known for its
WebSTAR Web server software, StarNine also offers ListSTAR list server
software, Quarterdeck Mail and Mail*Link Internet email gateways. Further
information on StarNine may be obtained by calling 510/649-4949, accessing
StarNine’s Web site at (, or by emailing

Quarterdeck Corporation, StarNine’s parent company, is a developer and
marketer of utilities and Internet software for small business, home
office, corporate, government and individual personal computer users. Its
worldwide headquarters are in Marina del Rey, California, with Dublin,
Ireland serving as its European headquarters. Further information on
Quarterdeck may be obtained by calling 800/354-3222, accessing
Quarterdeck’s Web site at (, or by emailing

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