Software and Computer System Company has released Phoenix for Mac OS X. It’s an operating system tool that allows the user to create emergency boot volumes, clone volumes, and convert a data disk into a bootable drive with a new OS installation.

“Phoenix creates two types of copies called a Phoenix Boot Volume and a standard volume copy,” says Bill Wagner, the owner of the company. “The Phoenix Boot Volume is a unique type of copy because it extracts the core operating system from a users drive and installs only that on the target volume. What the end user ends up with appears to be a completely new OS installation that they can use to host testing and diagnostic software, perform other copies, perform maintenance and repair operations between different volumes, and in the case of emergencies, actually serve as installation media. The volume copy is really nothing more than a simple volume copy from one drive to another just like those available with other drive cloning tools.”

SCSC has issued cautionary information about attempting to use the product for bootlegging operating systems on their web site. The tool will not only copy the core operating system, it will also copy system information, hardware information, registration information, and some keychain information that will make the copies made by Phoenix unique to the system.

The price for the standalone version of Phoenix is US$13.95. The tool is now a standard part of both the Scannerz with FSE and Scannerz with FSE-Lite packages. For more info go to .