FileMaker author John Mark Osborne is teaching his intermediate and advanced scripting courses titled the Philosophy of Scripting. These two courses will be taught in a remote setting via GoToMeeting at half the normal cost.

Remote classes are taught twice a week for a total of four hours per week. This allows for better absorption of the material as well as the advantage of homework assignments, according to Osborne. The courses and times are:

° Philosophy of Scripting 101 (9/17/2013 to 10/23/2013);
° Philosophy of Scripting 201 (10/29/2013 to 11/20/2013);
° Philosophy of Scripting 101 & 201 (9/17/2013 to 11/20/2013).

The Philosophy of Scripting courses focus on the single area of scripting and moves from an intermediate to an advanced level over the course of five days. Calculations, relationships and interface design are also covered but only as they pertain to scripting.

To find out more information or register for a class, go to .