Best-selling author and New York Times tech columnist David Pogue credits Mac OS X and a handful of Mac applications for keeping on top of his busy schedule. In responding to a reader question asking how he has time for everything, Pogue offers a list of things that help to make his life easier. In addition to Mac OS X, he credits iMovie for his Times video reports, Microsoft Entourage for e-mail, and FileMaker for keeping products, contacts, topic ideas and status reports organized. “I know that this will rankle all the Apple bashers, but I do most of my work in Mac OS X,” Pogue writes. “I therefore spend zero time on viruses, spyware, maintenance and all those other typical computer time drains.” He also credits his wife, his research assistant, and the fact that he sold his “Missing Manual” series to O’Reilly. Strangely, Pogue says he does most of his writing using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, a Windows-only dictation program.