PLX Devices has released Yaba X, a portable speaker and guitar amplifier specifically engineered to turn any surface into a speaker. It utilizes the surface as an extension of the speaker itself.
The pocket-sized Yaba X is made from cast zinc. It measures only a few inches and is still able to deliver room-filling sound equal to the performance of speakers 10 times its size, according to Paul Lowchareonkul, Yaba’s inventor. With a core composed of neodymium magnets, Yaba X is powered by three lithium polymer batteries capable of playing your music for up to eight hours on a single charge

Yaba X is exclusively offered through Kickstarter as a special promotion. It’s available in blue, red, black, white and a fifth color that will be selected by backers. Yaba X will retail for US$99.99, however, exclusively through Kickstarter, backers can receive the Yaba X for as low as $39. For more info go to .