Vicomsoft SurfDoubler Now With PPPoE Support and Optional Connection Teaming

Vicomsoft announces the release of SurfDoubler 6.6 including native support
for DSL connections using PPPoE. A new optional Connection Teaming module
is also available. Support for PPPoE allows users to transparently share
DSL connections without the need for third party software. Connection
Teaming increases aggregate Internet access bandwidth by combining multiple
simultaneous Internet connections of any type.

Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE), which provides login
functionality, has been adopted by major DSL service providers. Some
existing Internet sharing solutions are not compatible with PPPoE.
Vicomsoft offers direct PPPoE support as a standard feature in SurfDoubler,
making Internet sharing available to all DSL home users.

Connection Teaming allows home users to achieve quantum rather than
incremental increases in bandwidth and throughput by establishing multiple
simultaneous Internet connections. Connection Teaming does not require
specific ISP support, and multiple connections may be made to multiple ISPs.

SurfDoubler is available on both MacOS and Windows platforms from only $29.