EI Brings Supercomputing to the Power Mac G5; EI’s Parallel Programming
Software Combined with the World’s Fastest Desktop Computer Delivers
Powerful Scientific Solution

Business Editors/High-Tech Writers
Supercomputing 2003

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 20, 2003–Engineered Intelligence (EI)
introduced its new Parallel Programming Software offering at the
Supercomputing 2003 conference. EI’s CxC(R) parallel programming software
allows scientists and engineers to easily create programs for Apple’s Power
Mac G5, the world’s fastest personal computer.

Parallel Scientific Computing is a key focus for the Power Mac G5.
Researchers at Virginia Tech University recently put together one of the
fastest supercomputers in the world with 1,100 dual-processor Power Macs
connected together. With the new Power Mac G5, scientists can execute
high-precision math on extremely large 64-bit numbers and return results
faster than ever. With EI’s intuitive parallel programming software now
available on Mac OS X, it’s easy for them to develop and run complex
scientific applications.

CxC enables technical professionals to design and run parallel applications
in high performance computing environments. CxC makes parallel computing
available to scientists who only know their discipline and potentially C or
Fortran languages, enabling them to develop and prototype complex
scientific programs on desktop systems like the Power Mac G5. Once they get
their code running, they can move the same code to use symmetric
multi-processor (SMP) machines or clusters supporting Mac OS X, UNIX,
Linux, or Windows and realize fast results.

“EI’s software enables scientists and engineers to solve highly complex
problems with an intuitive programming language that creates a virtual
parallel computer,” explained Matt Oberdorfer, President and CEO of
Engineered Intelligence. “Now with the Power Mac G5 scientists can easily
model and simulate larger and more complicated tasks on their personal
computer — with unsurpassed ability to prototype and test them.”

“The Power Mac G5 with its 64-bit processor delivers breakthrough
performance making it a perfect fit for scientific computing,” said Ron
Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “The
combination of the world’s fastest personal computer with its built-in
capability for symmetric multi-processing and EI’s CxC programming
solutions for parallel computing gives scientists and engineers the power
to develop and run complex scientific applications in record speed.”

Pricing and Availability

CxC for Mac OS X is immediately available, with prices starting at $199 per
single user license. The Power Mac G5 product line comes in three muscular
configurations: 1.6GHz, 1.8GHz and a dual 2GHz model, with prices starting
at $1,999.

About Engineered Intelligence

Engineered Intelligence Corporation (EI) is the technological leader in
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